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The first step: locate and identify the book information on the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).

        Reader can find the book according to the title, author, key word, classification number, call number, etc, then click the book title to check the book information, which contains information of call number, location and books and periodicals status, then you can identify whether you can borrow it by the status information. At last, you should write down the call number to find the book in the relevant location.

The second step: to find out the book with the call number.

Reader should first find the book location, then get the book from the shelf corresponding to the call number. Call number is also called shelf number, which is a number identification marking the position of the book in the whole book organization, corresponding to the specific shelf in the bookstore, consisting of two parts: classification number and author number. Classification number is classified by subject number, and author number is based on the subject number to organize book by author name and the entering library order. The library Books are classified and shelved in accordance with Chinese Library Classification (referred to CLC), and the shelf order is from up to down and from left to right.

The third step: managing borrowing and return procedure

Readers can go to the loan desk to borrow books after finding them. The first floor of library and information center provides with manual and self-borrow and self-return service, the first floor hall and the third floor of elementary and secondary school textbook center of Run Run Shaw library also have circulation desks. Readers can observe the borrow and return process on the computer display device. Readers should check out if there is any scratch, stain or damage, if so, report it to the librarian at once. Otherwise, you should be responsible for it when you return. Readers should take care the books and no drawing or annotation; no tearing, no blade with knife, and such phenomenon are strictly forbidden; no soaking or staining, especially on the rainy days and during the diet time. Any case happens the above content lists, should receive severe punishment following the regulations after verifying. Reader may get a notice of criticism if the circumstances are serious.

Books renewal

Renewal online is allowed only within 15 days before the due date of the checked out books and renew for a period of 15 days.

Books reservation

    Books reservation is a circulation service through which borrowers can online reserve books borrowed by others. To help readers make a better use of library collections, library has opened the books online reserving. Reservation is mainly accomplished by OPAC, when there are several readers reserving the same book, the final receiver would be the first reserving one. Each reader can reserve two books at one time and the book would reserve 5 days within the reservation. There are three ways reminder: reserving reminder when you borrow books, e-mail reminder (no-opening reader should first login”my library” and open it ) and message reminder(only for China mobile reader, no-opening reader should first login “my library”and open it)

The book reserved is at the borrowing and return desk on the first floor of library and information center.

Books Return

    You should return books on time at the borrowing and return desk at the first floor hall of library and information center, which provides with 24-hour self-return service, you can also go to the first floor or third floor of elementary and secondary school teaching material center of Run Run Shaw Library.