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Library and Information Center

Floor Plans


Service Content

Floor 1

The first reading room

CollectingMarxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong   Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory(classification A); Philosophy and  Religion (classification B) books

The second reading room

Collecting General Social Sciences(classification   C); Politics and Law(classification D); Military(classification E)books

The third reading room

Collecting Economy(classification F); Culture,   Science, Education and Sports(classification G, of which G61, G62, G63   storing in the elementary and secondary school textbook material center of   Shao Library ); Language and Character (classification H) books

Floor 2

The fourth reading room

Literature(classification I); Arts(classification   J); History and Geography(classification K) books

 The fifth   reading room

General Natural Sciences(classification N);   Mathematical Sciences & Chemistry(classification O); Astronomy and Earth   Science(classification P); Biological Sciences (classification Q); Medicine   & Health(classification R); Agricultural Science(classification S) books

The sixth reading room

Industrial Technology(classification T);   Communication and Transportation(classification U); Aeronautics and   Astronautics(classification V); Environmental Science, and Secure   Science(classification X); General Works(classification Z)

Digital resources reading room

With Network covering, readers can go on reference   inquiry and E-books reading on their own computers. Seats managing system is   enabled, seats reserve and seats selection with card are available.                             

Floor 3

Multimedia reading room

Education-oriented multimedia resources, including   languages learning materials, science information, humanity, historical   and  geographic information, special   topics, multimedia powerpoint, etc.

Samples, reference reading room

Collecting Chinese book samples, Chinese and   foreign references of dictionary, thesaurus, handbook, annals, encyclopedia,   etc. in Open-shelf reading.

Floor 4

Chinese and foreign periodicals

Consisting of current periodicals and overdue   periodicals displaying Chinese and foreign current periodicals and Chinese   Bound volumes respectively in open-shelf reading.

foreign books and    periodicals

Consisting of foreign books   and foreign periodicals, and borrow service is available of foreign books   while foreign periodicals can only use in library.

Floor 5

Newspapers reading room

Providing Chinese and foreign newspapers and   overdue bound volume newspapers

Ancient books reading room

Providing Ancient Photocopy books, thread-bound   ancient books and the Republic’s books referring

Run Run Shaw Library

Floor Plans


Service   Content

Floor   1

The   first open stack

CollectingMarxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping   Theory(classification A); Philosophy and Religion(classification B); General Social   Sciences (classification C); Politics and Law(classification D); Military   (classification E); Economy(Classification F)books.

Floor   2

The   second open stack

Collecting Culture,   Science, Education and Sports (classification G, of which G61, G62, G63 storing   in the elementary and secondary school textbook material center of Shao   Library); Language and Character (classification H;) History, Geography   (classification K) books (rental allowable).

Floor 3

The third open stack

Collecting   Literature (classification I); General Nature Science (classification N);   Mathematical Sciences & Chemistry (classification O); Astronomy and Earth   Science(classification F) books (rental allowable).

Elementary and   secondary school teaching material center

Collecting Preschool   Education and Nursery Education (G61), Elementary Education (G62), Secondary   Education(G63) books and Hong Kong and Taiwan elementary and secondary school   teaching materials (rental allowable).

Current periodicals reading room

Collecting the Annual   Chinese Periodicals (library use only).

Floor 4

The fourth open stack

Collecting   Biological Sciences (classification Q); Medicine & Health(classification   R); Agricultural Science(classification S); Industrial Technology   (classification T); Communication and Transportation(classification U);   Aeronautics and Astronautics(classification V), Environmental Science and   Secure Science(classification X); General Books(classification Z)(rental   allowable).

Overdue periodicals reading room

Collecting Chinese Overdue Bound Volume Periodicals (library use only).

Floor 5

The fifth open stack

Collecting Arts (classification J); all books in the reference room of   the original Vocational and Technical College(classification A-Z).